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Presentation videos of students discussing German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

Elena Sierra Alberca

Occupation: Psychologist (Zurich, Switzerland)

Student from April 2014 to November 2016

The video was taken in April 2016

Pilar Roldan Laguarta

Occupation: Physiotherapist (Fuenlabrada, Spain)

I teach her two children Clara and Miguel since April 2014

The video was taken in February 2016

Ana María Pastor

Occupation: Project Manager (Zürich, Switzerland)

Student since July 2015

The video was taken in February 2016

Facundo Indart

Occupation: Judicial officer of the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Student since May 2015

The video was taken in February 2016

References of students by occupation:

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Teacher / Lecturer / Interpreter / Student / Musician / Artist / Writer

Montserrat Egea Tapetado

Montserrat Egea Tapetado (Toledo, Spain)

Occupation: music student

Her comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias is a great teacher. Since I started learning German with him, I have regained the illusion of German. His lessons are very pleasant and often fun!

He adapts perfectly to his students individual sutuations (concerts, stress, exams). He is very understanding and always tries to help. I’m really happy to have him as a teacher. “

Aitzíber Miguel Oyarbide

Aitzíber Miguel Oyarbide (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Physics student

0,AitziberHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias is very professional and knows how to connect with the student so that classes are as enjoyable as possible. He gives great importance to students’ speech and listening skills in German, without forgetting basic grammar.

I fully agree with his vision of how to learn a language: In a very enjoyable, fun and complete way. I really think he is a very good teacher; he adapts to the specific needs of each student. ”

Highlights: Nice, adapts to the student, focuses on important.

Antonio Rey Gayo

Antonio Rey Gayo (Madrid)

Occupation: Professor at Compultense University of Madrid. Faculty of CC. Chemistry

Antonio Rey. Profesor de Universidad. (2)His commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“The lessons for my daughter Alicia (14 years old) are interesting and very entertaining. Tobias explains everything very well and adapts the lesson material to her learning level. Tobias also speaks Spanish very well, which simplifies the lessons. A great teacher and a great person. ”

Highlights: Punctuality, professional and well-prepared lessons.

Ricardo Andree Martinez

Ricardo Andree Martinez (Tucson / Arizona-USA)

Occupation: Interpreter at Language Line Solutions

Ricardo MartinezHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“The German lessons with Tobias are very effective. I started my lessons in July 2016 and I think I’ve learned a lot with Tobias’ individual lessons, more than I would have learned in a large group at the Community College.

Tobias is attentive, punctual, patient and you realize that he likes to teach. I overcame the fear of speaking German very early and got on very well with him because we have many common interests and that has proven very helpful for the learning process. I plan to continue my German with him in the long term and overall I’m very satisfied.

Highlights: Tobias is very professional and talented.

Rosario Martín de Santos

Rosario Martín de Santos (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Professor at Compultense University of Madrid. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

0,Rosario RoldanHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“My two children, Guillermo and Patricia González, are learning German with the Tobias Woelke and I would like to highlight his seriousness and his interactive way of working.

Highlights: Seriousness and the methods adapted to the individual needs of students.

Guillermo Javier Corvalán

Guillermo Javier Corvalán (Brussels, Belgium)

Occupation: Pianist

941024_10200462613701466_266851724_nHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias is a very responsible person. He prepares each lesson optimally and is very interested in the learning progress of his student. He is also very patient, which is a very important feature of this profession.

Beatriz Egido Maestre

Beatriz Egido (Madrid)

Profession: (Student at UCL College London-former student of the International School of Madrid)

10463047_621857371246167_4235392345449793798_n (2)Her commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I am one Tobias’ students, I am 18 years old and I go to the International School of Madrid. The truth is that Tobias is without a doubt the best German teacher I have ever had: attentive, friendly and effective. I sincerely believe that I have learned more from him than from other teachers. Not only is he very effective at teaching, he is also very dedicated to his students and does not mind staying a while longer  after class until the objective of the class is fulfilled. I’m making a lot of progress with him. ”

Highlights: Effective learning, friendly and very attentive

Amanda Terrón García

Amanda Terrón García (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Member of the municipal office of Fuencarral, Madrid / law and political science student

0,AmandaHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“My impression of Tobias Woelke could not be better, the lessons are dynamic, entertaining and you can use every minute. His method motivates and facilitates studying at home. I realize how quickly my German level improves, much more than in two years in a group of 30 students.

Highlights: sincerity, experience, high Spanish level, Dynamic

Guillermo González Martín

Guillermo González Martín (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: medical student

0,MedicinaHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“The lessons with Tobias Woelke are dynamic and very participative. The learning is continuous and it adapts very well to each student’s abilities. “

Enrique Mercado

Enrique Mercado (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Writer, musician and screenwriter.

0,Enrique mercadoHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I’ve been learning German with Tobias for two months, two lessons per week, and I’ve learned to structure the sentences and have acquired a great deal of confidence using the German language. His lessons were fundamental for me to pass the UNED A1 exam.

Tobias promises no miracles, he is an excellent companion for a step by step through the jungle of the German language. Besides, learning the German language with Tobias is not that difficult. He is the Richard Vaughan of the German language. ”

Highlights: Honesty, consistency, punctuality, seriousness and he’s a very pleasant person

Roberto Palmer

Roberto Palmer (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Director

0,Roberto PalmerHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Punctual, friendly and very professional”

Carla Bravo

Carla Bravo (Zurich, Switzerland)

Occupation: Student of Fashion Design

carla-bravoHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias is a very professional teacher and his lessons are very dynamic. He helped me a lot and I radiate more security while speaking.

Since learning German with him, I have noticed a great improvement, thanks to the motivation and support from Tobias, who helped me to get started studying fashion design in German. During our lessons we practice a lot of conversation and I also like the reading adapted to my level of learning.

” Highlights: professionalism, punctuality, patience and good teaching methodology.

Engineers / Architects

Carolina Gordo

Carolina Gordo (Pamplona, Spain)

Occupation: Automotive Engineer

carolina-gordoHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“The lessons with Tobias are motivating and productive. He arranges the lessons in a very pleasant learning atmosphere, he is very flexible, dynamic and assigns the student individual tasks.

In my view, the two most important pillars for learning a language are motivation and consistency.

I have been learning German for 3 years. I have previously learned in academies, language schools, online platforms and courses abroad without any personal success but with Tobias I am motivated to learn German for the first time.  Now that I have him as a teacher I am deeply enjoying this journey

Highlights: Focused on the goals of the student, serious, professional, punctual and flexible.

Cristina Elena Perez

Cristina Elena Perez (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Telecommunications engineer

Cristina Elena PerezHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I am a telecommunications engineer and believe that German is very important for my job. I am very satised with Tobias’ teaching method and during class I speak most of the time in German and have lost the fear of speaking in German even though I am a beginner. Tobias is a very motivating teacher who cares a lot about his students. ”

Highlights: Motivator, responsible, didactic

Julio de la Fuente/Natalia Gutierrez

Julio de la Fuente / Natalia Gutierrez (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Architects

0,ArquitectoHer comments about German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“With Tobias I’m going in the right direction and learning German quickly. I started practically at zero and noticed in a short time an increase in my professional development and made new professional contacts in Germany.

Highlights: seriousness / implication / motivation.

Aitor Garay Lasarte

Aitor Garay Lasarte (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spain)

Profession: Logistics Operations B2B & B2C – France Telecom

aitorHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias understood perfectly what I wanted and adapted to my needs:

Actively practice, listen and speak German. In the lessons we follow the methodology of the textbooks (level A1-A2) and clarify grammatical doubts and the meaning of some vocabulary, but always with exercises and practical examples, a point that I refer to as a key competence for learning languages (I speak three languages). ”

Highlights: Very good level of Spanish, dedicated, flexible.A person who knows how to teach and enjoyes their work.

Jon Aldasoro Alzate

Jon Aldasoro Alzate (Bilbao, Spain)

Occupation: Safety engineer

0,Jon aldasotoHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias is a teacher with very good knowledge of the German language and has a great ability to adapt to the needs of his students. In addition to his teaching skills, he is also characterized by his great professionalism and commitment in the courses”

Highlights: ability to teach and impart knowledge, seriousness, commitment

Elia Sanchez Ramos

Elia Sanchez Ramos (Freiburg, Germany)

Occupation: Chemical Engineer

Elia SanchezHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias enjoys teaching, you can tell, and learning with him is great fun. He is always at 200%, during and outside class time. Learning German and having fun at the same time is not so easy. The German lessons are via Skype.I travel a lot because of my work and for me it is impossible to have a fixed class time.Tobias is very flexible and always adapts to my schedule.

Highlights: Great knowledge, very sympathetic, motivating, adaptable

Jesús Chao Fernández

Jesus Chao Fernández (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Technical Engineer

0da2db6His commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“My experience with Tobias was very good. The lessons are very entertaining and well prepared. He also facilitates the learning of the German language with a lot of didactic material. In a short time, I noticed a good boost in my language skills. ”

Highlights: Very dedicated and dynamic.

Parents of Schoolchildren

Ignacio Camarero Tabera

Ignacio Camarero Tabera (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Computer engineer

ignacio-camarero-taberaHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias is a great teacher and he adapts lessons to individual needs. Our son Álvaro (13 years old) is learning German at school, but we had not noticed any progress.

Since he’s been learning German with Tobias, the attitude towards the German language is completely different, which makes the learning process easier. We can only praise Tobias in the highest tones.

Highlights: You can tell that Tobias likes to teach his language, punctual, friendly, 100% implied, professional “

Natalia Bódalo

Natalia Bódalo and Francisco Pinheiro (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Responsible for legal advice in the energy sector and Director of ICT Innovation

Her comments about German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Our son Ivan (15 years old) has been learning German with Tobias for two years. Previously he had two years of private lessons and three years of German at school, but Ivan was not able to have a conversation in German.

With Tobias we noticed a quick and considerable improvement of the conversation and vocabulary. Ivan is very satised and motivated. The lessons are varied and Tobias supports the learning process with interesting audiovisual material.

Highlights: His vocation, patience, professionalism and motivation.

Maximiliano Rodriguez Inés

Maximiliano Rodriguez Inés (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Head of Department FCC

His commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“The experience of my son Maxi (13 years) with the German language is great and the lessons with Tobias play an important role. His teaching method in a relaxed atmosphere inspires the student to deepen his knowledge and to deal with typical social and cultural aspects in German.

In addition, concrete exercises and dialogues reinforce the learning abilities that are focused on writing, listening and speaking the German language. The student gains more self-confidence and overcomes the initial difficulties of learning a new language.”

Pilar Roldan Laguarta

Pilar Roldan Laguarta (Fuenlabrada, Spain)

Occupation: Physiotherapist

0,Pilar RoldánHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias is a great teacher who is constantly striving to improve his teaching methods and has a special ability to motivate and teach our children. They are 10 and 12 and have practically started without knowledge, since they have had 4 months of lessons with another teacher, but they were unmotivated and did not learn much.

After only 6 lessons with Tobias they have been very happy and even have small talks in German! We are excited and so are the kids.

Highlights: Great teacher who has shown a special ability to teach and motivate my children.

Marcela Camacho

Marcela Camacho (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Nurse

0,Marcela CamachoHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“His teaching with my daughter is appropriate and he is patient. I’m happy about the grades. I as a mother would recommend him 100%. ”

Highlights: Punctual, organized, patient.

Juan Toledano y Mati García

Juan Toledano and Mati García (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: technician and civil servant

Mati Garcia y Juan Toledano“Tobias is an excellent native speaker of the German language. The kids are excited about his lessons and their learning process is very fast. Although they are absolute beginners, they are taking a course in the institute thanks to Tobias and always get very good grades. Tobias not only works with the textbook, but also with audio material, notes and literature in German. His lessons are very pleasant and he has many conversations with the children, which seems very important to us.

Highlights: He is a very well educated teacher, friendly, responsible and very patient with the children.

Financial sector / Banking / Auditing / Export / Civil servants

Alexandre de Jesus

Alexandre de Jesus (Zurich, Switzerland)

Occupation: Senior Manager, Education & Development

Alexandre de Jesus(Sr. Manager, Training & Development) Zurich, SuizaHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“In recent months I have private Skype lessons with Tobias and my German has improved significantly. He is not only an excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable in German grammar and knows the intricacies of the language, but also a great coach!

Just when you think your motivation is down and you just can not learn anything new in German, Tobias is here to help you and give you the motivation to help you get great results. “

Facundo Indart

Facundo Indart (Coronel Suárez – Argentina)

Occupation: Lawyer (Judicial Commissioner of the Province of Buenos Aires)

IMG-20150710-WA0000His commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I’m learning German in preparation for a PhD. I would like to say that the learning process with Tobias is very fruitful. He is a teacher who is constantly interested in the student’s progress and personal preference, with a very obvious and constant predisposition.

Lessons are dedicated to language only, while homework is corrected separately. This creates a very complete learning system that helps the student maintain their learning enthusiasm. Also, Tobias is a great person. ”

Highlights: professionalism / availability / personalization of the learning process.

Esther Rodriguez Martín

Esther Rodriguez Martín (Zurich, Switzerland)

Occupation: Planning and Performance Management Analyst

0,Esther RodríguezHer comment about the lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“My name is Esther, I live in Zurich, where I work in the finance department of an insurance company. I have learned German in the last 3 years with some interruptions in Swiss language schools, but due to lack of time and exibility I decided to try German lessons via Skype. That’s how I started learning with Tobias.

I am very pleased with him as a teacher and with the results of his lessons. Tobias is very flexible as a teacher and understands what the student expects of the lessons and seeks out the adequate learning method. “

Highlights: He is a serious, responsible and very trustworthy person, active and teaching with him is fun, a good teacher and an excellent person.

Ana María Pastor

Ana María Pastor (Zurich, Switzerland)

Occupation: Project Manager

Foto CV (1)Her comment about the lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I with started Tobias 2 months ago and I am very satisfied. I realize that I am improving every day. Of course, you will learn with him much faster and better than in a collective class in a language academy. Tobias knows how to motivate the student and how to get the most out of everyone. To my surprise, I really enjoy learning German and it is thanks to his teaching”

Highlights: Very professional (you can tell he likes his work very much), punctual and organized.

Nicolás Wiles

Nicolás Wiles (United Kingdom)

Occupation: Project Manager

0,NicolasHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Tobias is a professional and friendly teacher. Tobias is always on time and his lessons are easy to understand. ”

Highlights: Professional, friendly and punctual.

Miriam García Avison

Miriam García Avison (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Chief Secretary

0,MirianHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I started learning a month ago and I am satisfied. I have two lessons per week and my German level has improved a lot. Tobias solves all doubts and if you suggest your ideas and goals to him, he will develop a plan so that you can achieve your goals. ”

Highlights: Young and dynamic, controlling your learning process.

Patricia González Martín

Patricia González Martín (Madrid, Spain)

Occupation: Auditor at Deloitte

0,PatriciaHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I had a very good experience with Tobias and he is a very attentive teacher. You will receive a large amount of educational material adapted to your needs. In addition, the lessons are very pleasant and well prepared ”

Highlights: attentive, organized, punctual.

Healthcare / Science / Psychology / Communication / Flight Attendants

Elena Sierra Alberca

Elena Sierra Alberca (Zurich, Switzerland)

Occupation: Psychologist.

0,ElenaHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I am a psychologist, I live in Switzerland and I was looking for a private teacher by Skype. My level is C1. I’ve never had Skype lessons and the experience is great, Tobias is a great teacher who takes his job very seriously. He is also a great person, who makes the lessons very pleasant. What more do you want?

Highlights: Professional, friendly. He is a professional German teacher, not a native speaker who teaches a little bit. That is not the same

Eduardo Perez

Eduardo Perez (Zurich, Switzerland)

Occupation: Scientist at ETH Zurich

0,EduardoHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Thanks to the lessons with Tobias, I have improved my German level from B1 + to B2 in 2 months (90 min, 2x per week) and worked on my weaknesses for the Goethe Zertifikat B2. I am currently working as a scientist in Switzerland and since learning, it has been easier to cope with everyday life in German. Tobias is punctual, professional and his lessons are dynamic and entertaining. Highly Recommended! ”

Highlights: Dynamic lessons, tailor made and with important advances in a short time.

Ana Paula Cruz Díaz

Ana Paula Cruz Díaz (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Occupation: Social communicator

Ana foto (1)Her comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“For a couple of months now I am learning German with Tobias via Skype and I am fascinated by this modality because it is really practical. The lessons are very entertaining and you can use the time optimally to speak with a native German teacher. Tobias plans the lessons according to the level of learning and the needs of each student.

In my case (B2 level) it was important to talk about different topics, business German and analysis of some specic grammar topics, which is very difficult in a traditional language course.

Highlights: Tobias is very committed and pleasant as a teacher. He is always ready to help you. He uses different teaching methods and different materials (audios, movies, texts, etc.), so that you can integrate the knowledge in a very pleasant way. I appreciate his professionalism, dedication and organization

Kathrin Johansson

Kathrin Johansson (Basel, Switzerland)

Occupation: Flight attendant

0,KathrinHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I have German lessons with Tobias Woelke 3 times a week via Skype or at my home. I am very happy to have found a teacher like Tobias. He is very educated and demonstrates great professionalism in his teaching. You can tell that he likes his job and motivates me in every lesson. As a native speaker, he masters the language and knows how to communicate his knowledge. ”

Highlights: flexible, educated, professional, motivating and a very good person.

Nairobi Hernandez de la Cruz

Nairobi Hernandez de la Cruz (Zurich, Switzerland)

Occupation: Pharmacist

nairobi-hernandez-de-la-cruzHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I am a 28-year-old pharmacist who moved to Zurich less than a year ago with a fairly weak B1 level. Of course I need the language to integrate in the country, but also to be able to practice my profession (minimum one B2).

At the beginning I did 2 hours every day in an intensive course at an academy. However, I realized that because of my shyness, I needed more individualized instruction, especially to overcome my fear of speaking. This is very important to make progress with a language. After reading the testimonials of other students about his lessons, I decided to learn German with him.

Since the first trial lesson, I realized how much he could help me in my learning process, not only by the way he teaches, always organized and focused on my goals, but also by his advice in the application of the language which even to date are very helpful.

Tobias is very professional, preparing and adapting each lesson individually to the needs and goals of the students, which is important to me because I had several unmotivated teachers in the language school and believe me; you notice the difference.

On the other hand, his desire to teach and his human qualities, which make him a teacher, are taught with lessons that are never boring and where I always learn something new. Not only did I notice the progress with the German language, but also with the people around me.

Finally, I would like to say that in my case I needed a B2 certifficate so that my title would be recognized in Switzerland and this summer thanks to Tobias’ help I was able to pass the B2 exam.


Francisco Ortiz

Francisco Ortiz (Huelva, Spain)

Occupation: Pensioner / Former Regional Manager Initial Facilities Services

Francisco OrtizHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“What I value most is that I’m 69, Tobias adapts very well to my needs and makes teaching very enjoyable.”

Highlights: A great connoisseur of the German language and he solves all doubts

Entrepreneurs / self-employed

Gloria Fernández Polin

Gloria Fernández Polin (Zurich, Switzerland)

Occupation: Consultant in Corporate Communications.

gloria-fernandez-polinHer comment about the German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“For me, learning German was much more than just a hobby … it was a necessity and, in a sense,” urgent “because I had just moved to Switzerland. I had to master this language in order to develop my career. I started to search the Internet for a German teacher who also teaches via Skype. Tobias inspired in me the utmost confidence from the first moment.

This confidence has increased from lesson to lesson, because that is one of the qualities that differentiates Tobias:   He is not only a professional and effective German teacher, he is a person with whom you can share ideas, arguments, debates.

I am making good progress and I have quickly reached a level that allows me to practice my profession in Switzerland. I am very satisfied and a large part of this success I owe Tobias.

Highlights: The naturalness with which you can learn German with Tobias and the great progress you make as you do your part.

Jesús Barranco

Jesús Barranco (Germany)

Occupation: Businessman

0,Jesús BarrancoHis commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“I live in Germany for months at a time for professional reasons. Because of my schedule and my travels, I find it very difficult to attend a language course at a language school.  Tobias was recommended to me via a Facebook group. The lessons are passing very quickly and I have made considerable progress.

Highlights: Entertaining lessons, the opportunity to learn German via Skype anywhere, good results.

Other Jobs

Rodri Alvarez

Rodri Alvarez (Zurich, Switzerland)

Occupation: Guidewire SMEs at Zurich Insurance LTD

His commentary on German lessons with Tobias Woelke:

“Nowadays it is difficult to find really motivated teachers who give us positive energies  that are enthusiastic about the language and show us how to consider the language learning process as a new hobby. Tobias undoubtedly has this talent. Video conferencing is easy, convenient, and lesson times are flexible.