German adjective declination

German adjective declination Adjectives, also called “Wiewort” (How is something?) Complement a noun or qualify a noun. Adjectives describe people, objects, actions, animals etc [...]


German B2 exam preparation course.

                        German B2 exam preparation course. The German B2 exam preparation course is aimed at people who want to prepare for the German B2 Goethe, Telc, ÖSD, EOI or VHS exam. [...]


Private German lessons Tutoring via Skype

                                          Private German lessons   The really difficult thing about teaching a language is to help the student in the most complicated moments and it can only [...]


German exam preparation course B1.

                       German exam preparation course B1.   The course is aimed at those who want to take the German B1 Goethe, Telc, VHS or EOI exam. Classes can be individual or in small [...]


New opinion about German lessons with Professor Tobias Woelke

Name: Vijay Kumar (Current residence in Madrid, place of birth Ugala-India) Profession: International Sales Manager Sector: Telecommunications His comment about the German classes with Tobias [...]


Partizip I and Partizip II in German and its use as an adjective

© Tobias Woelke 09.01.2018   Partizip I and Partizip II in German and its use as an adjective   German lessons by Skype   The participles are formed through verbs. In the German [...]


List of verbs with dative in german

In this Post I have written a list of verbs with dative in German. I only mention the most important verbs because some verbs that govern dative in German are used very rarely.   List of [...]


difference between um zu and damit

© Tobias Woelke  09.01.2018  difference between um zu and damit. To explain this little grammatical theme, I try to use a language that everyone can understand. You will find a short summary with [...]


German course via Skype

                                 German course via Skype The teacher Opinions of students about the German course via Skype Classes and courses Methodologies and Material used Results First trial [...]


German classes on Skype

1. The teacher who teaches German classes on Skype I am a native German teacher and Learning Coach from Düsseldorf and I have been teaching German classes on Skype online since 2012. That has [...]