German DAF  Teacher and German Coach Tobias Woelke.

German personal language coach, with more than 12.000 classes taught. Self-taught method adapted to the learning of German online, via Skype or at home.

Differential points:

Personalized and customized classes at all levels: A1 – C2.

Own method of teaching, highly effective. You can achieve your goals saving time and money.

360º approach to the learning process. Not only what matters, but also how it is learned and how the teacher is able to understand, motivate and support the student with critical phrases.

Very high level of student satisfaction. Effectiveness of 100% in official German certification exams.

Development of tailor-made learning programs focused on the achievement of objectives, through coaching techniques. My goal: to be your personal German language coach. I offer German classes on Skype and German classes at home in Madrid.

Extensive material provided to support our lessons. Library and media library.


Innovative and highly effective German teaching method

My experience as an accredited German teacher has led me to design an innovative learning method, which stands out for its efficiency and effectiveness.

In the last six years, I have taught more than 12.000 German classes at home and German classes via Skype to students from different continents, at all levels (A1-C2) and with very diverse backgrounds (children’s education, adolescents, business people, people who need to be certified in German for their work or their studies and even people who study it as a hobby).


Thanks to this trajectory, I have been able to develop a teaching method based on coaching techniques. My goal is to be the personal German language coach of each student. The achievements reached speak for themselves (I invite you to read my student’s opinions).


Understanding and promoting the learning process of each person is essential. Hence the importance of developing individual teaching programs, which are adjusted to the needs and objectives of each student and which also take into account the circumstances and external factors that influence this process.


Because, to learn German quickly and effectively, it is not enough just to master the grammar, the vocabulary, understand the language and be able to express oneself fluently. This process is much more complex and requires all the support the teacher can give the student.


That is precisely the difference between a teacher and a personal coach / German language coach. The ability to empathize with the student, generate and maintain an atmosphere of trust and respect, maintain a constant motivation, deal with the potholes and difficulties that arise … This is my commitment with each student @.


Student profile:

For students of:

Primary/elementary, ESO/Secondary school, Baccalaureate

University, masters and postgraduate courses.

Vocational training

Companies and employees

Businessmen and liberal professionals

People who learn German as a hobby

People who need to obtain an official certification in German.


All levels (A1-C2)


Online German lessons by Skype to the whole world.

German classes at home in the Community of Madrid.